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Baby shower gift ideas

If you’re looking for the best gifts to buy a new born baby, then is definitely worth checking out! They’ve got everything from clothes and toys, to furniture and nursery decor. Shopping online can be hard sometimes because it’s not easy to see what things look like in person – but that all changes when you come across this website! The site has a great selection of products with lots of pictures so customers know exactly what they are getting themselves into before making their purchase. So whether you’re looking for baby clothes, a new cot or just some adorable nursery decor, is definitely the place to go!

If you’re looking for gifts for a baby shower, then this is also the perfect website to check out! They’ve got tons of great gift ideas that would be perfect for any newborn baby. You can find everything from soft toys and blankets, to booties and hats – all in a range of different styles and colours so you can find the perfect present for any baby shower. And again, the prices are really affordable so you don’t have to break the bank when buying the perfect new born baby gift.


This is the perfect website for baby gifts. You can also use this online store to book an appointment with the friendly staff at Pit a Patter who can talk you through the process of personalised gift options.

for your own baby’s nursery too! If you are looking for something in particular then they have an easy option where you can find exactly what you’re looking for by entering a search term into their “Type It” box on the top right hand side of their webpage – this makes it super simple when shopping around and trying to find all different kinds of items! And with free delivery across Australia, there really isn’t any reason not to check out Pitapatter today. So be sure to head over there now at !

Specialise in feet and hand castings , Pit a Patter have an amazing range of baby gifts that are perfect for new arrivals. If you’re looking for something unique then be sure to check out their range of personalised gifts . You can choose from a variety of different designs which are all made bespoke just for Pitapatter, meaning that each gift is completely individual and special. Not only this, but you can also add the baby’s name and date of birth onto the casting itself, making it a true keepsake item that will last long after the baby has grown up!

Pitapatter also offer a great range of unique one of a kind jewellery pieces that can be engraved with baby’s name and date of birth, making them a true keepsake item to celebrate baby’s arrival.

Pitapatter has been around since 2005 offering premium Australian made goods.

Feel free to give us a call on 0438 819 636 if you have any questions about baby gifts or the products available!

The baby gift options are endless, but there are some great Australian made baby product brands that deserve a mention.

We hope this blog post has been helpful in finding new baby gifts for your friends and family to purchase online at We look forward to talking with you soon!

At Pit a Patter we’ve got you covered with unique baby shower gifts that are personalized and can be treasured for years.

Normally everyone focuses on baby stuff and often mum and dad are forgotten about in the shuffle. This is expected but they are also worth spoiling and these gifts will be will welcomed and appreciated. 

Baby Shower Gifts for Mum 

The one person who’s often left out at a baby shower is the guest of honour—the mum-to-be! It would be so nice to get something for the mum as well.  

She is the one who’s going to give birth, right? 

Surprise her with one of our favourite baby shower gifts for Mum.  

Our beautiful silver jewellery range includes Handstamped , Fingerprint and Hand and Footprint pendants. All designed to spoil the new mum to showcase those she loves.

Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

The dad-to-be may not be preparing to give birth, but he’s certainly prepping for a major life change. Celebrate his entry into parenthood with a special baby shower gift that’s just for him.

This uniquely personalized range captures a moment and becomes a permanent reminder of his family’s love that he can wear everyday.

Surprise the parents to-be with any of the following unique baby shower gifts ideas and watch them smile with delight.

Inkless Kits

The perfect addition to any baby shower gift hamper. Our Inkless Kit for Baby Prints is the perfect way to preserve and treasure the delicate images of your little one’s hands and feet.

It is safe to use at any age so ideal for the parents who don’t want to waste any time preserving those tiny hands and feet.

Framed Keepsakes

They grow so fast!  Pit a Patter Keepsakes capture those special early days forever, with a wonderful keepsake of those adorable little fingers and toes.

Choose a combination or a gift card from our lovely range of handcrafted Framed keepsakes which are unique and beautiful.

Our years of experience enable us to create the most beautiful and detailed castings of little hands and feet in a variety of styles and colour combinations.

Our IN HOME service

Settling into a new routine with a newborn baby can be challenging for new mums or mums that have just extended the family. 

Our in home Hand and Foot Casting service is dedicated to offering a practical option to new mums and their families to make things a little easier.

Gift Cards

Not sure what to buy??

Congratulate the new parents with the flexibility to choose what they like best