How do i make an appointment for Baby Sculptures and Impressions?

Baby Sculptures and Impressions are only available throughout Melbourne.

You have 2 options. You can either visit our studio or book a home visit.

The home service is an addtional $50. We visit you at home for casting (area restrictions apply – refer to suburb list) . This includes the delivery when complete.

Are the products safe to use?

All products that are used on your child for the casting are non toxic. We do recommend however that you wash with warm, soapy water after our visit. Should any reaction occur we suggest you seek medical attention.

What happens if my child doesn't stay still?

In our many years of experience of taking castings, we have rarely met a child that doesn’t wriggle, even whilst asleep. This procedure takes @30 seconds and will accomodate any movements until set. This is why all casting gestures are different.

Can you reuse a mould for multiple sets?

No. Moulds taken are only suitable for one use. If you require extra sets these need to be taken at time of casting.

Do you use Plaster of Paris?

No. Plaster of Paris is not suitable for casting Baby Sculptures and Impressions as it is too porous and will not stand the test of time. Instead, we use a high quality product that is designed for casting.

Do we have to provide the photo if choosing a frame with photo?

You can either supply your own photo (5 x 7) or visit our associated photographer-Mishka Photography.

that will offer you a free photographic session* with a complimentary photo for your keepsake. No further obligation applies.

Should you choose so, any further photographic agreements are between the photgrapher and client. Pit a Patter is not accountable or responsible for any further arrangements between the two parties.

* Please note photo session requires a booking at photographers studio.

How long before my frame is complete?

Generally, if you have chosen an option without a photo, your Framed Keepsake is ready within 4 – 6 weeks. If we don’t receive your photo within 2 weeks of casting this process can be considerably delayed.

What if I don't have a photo ready?

If you don’t have a photo at the time of casting and prefer to supply your own that’s ok. You can either drop it in or send us a printed copy via post. It will not be complete until we receive your photo. All payments must be made in full for Framed Keepsakes within 3 months of the casting process even if we are still waiting for your photo.

What is the jewellery range made of?

Our silver range is made of pure silver which is 99% silver. Sterling silver instead is 92.5% silver with other added alloys to make it stronger. All our pendants are fitted with sterling silver findings for added strength and durability.

How can I place a jewellery order?

This process varies depending on which range you select to purchase.

For Handstamped 
– place an order through our online store.

For Hand & Footprints  Jewellery– place an order through our online store and an inkless kit will be dispatched to  (inclusive in price). The prints can then be returned via email or posted back to us.
Alternatively, you can visit our studio or book the home service and we can take the prints for you.

For Fingerprint Jewellery*-
place an order through our online store and a Fingerprint Impression Capture Kit will be dispatched to you (inclusive in price).

It’s simple and easy to use, allowing you to be involved in creating your special piece. Impressions are then returned to us.

Alternatively, if you’re a Melbourne resident we recommend that you either visit our studio or book the home service This will allow us to take multiple prints directly onto the silver to assess the best print to use.

* Please note- we do not recommend fingerprints for babies under 6 months. “Fingerprint capture” kits only recommended for those over 6 months of age.

Can fingerprints be taken at any age?

 We do not recommend our fingerprint jewellery range for babies under 6 months of age. Fingerprints vary with genetics, and generally we find the swirls are not very defined or detailed until they get older. Our Hand & Footprint range however is suitable for any age.

Can I make multiple pieces of jewellery from one impression?

If you’re visiting our studio or using the home service we prefer to take seperate impressions directly onto the product for each piece you choose. If however, you are using the inkless or capture kit, your impression can be used for multiple pieces. With the Hand & Footprint range you will be supplied (along with your finished piece) a stamp for your personal use or for reordering. Simply return your stamp back to us and we can recreate another piece for you.

Can I use chemical cleaners on my jewellery?

The use of chemical paste cleaners is not recommended. These products are very harsh and strong and will only eventually accelerate tarnish.  When not worn we recommend storing it in its box to protect your jewellery from the pollutants and moisture in the air that cause tarnishing. To clean simply wash in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly and then wipe with the polishing cloth. Alternatively, you can try a liquid cleaners that can be purchased through jewellers or supermarkets. Please note that chlorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and should be avoided.

How long before my jewellery is ready?

We endeavour to dispatch your jewellery order within 7 days (excluding Public Holidays) of placing your handstamped order or of receiving/taking your prints, artwork or kits. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for further detail. Should you require your piece urgently please contact Pit a Patter to discuss your options.