Fingerprint Impression Capture Kit

The Fingerprint Impression Kit is ideal if you are unable to visit our studio or book a home service appointment.

It allows you to be involved in capturing your loved one’s fingerprint to  create this stunning – “jewellery with a personal touch”.

The kit is included the cost of the Fingerprint Jewellery Range and  comes complete with an instruction sheet, moulding putty, order form and a prepaid return post envelope to send your impression back to us to complete.

It is simple to use and takes only a few minutes to do..

 Please note:- Fingerprints capture kits are not recommended for under 6 months.  This is because although fingerprints vary with genetics, generally the print swirls under this age will not be evident and rather provide the overall form. We recommend you either wait until this age or view our hand/foot print range.

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