Fingerprint Jewellery


Our Personalized Fingerprint Jewellery range captures a moment in time to create ‘jewellery with a personal touch’.

Impressions are taken using a quick and simple process. Each piece is handcrafted to preserve every swirl and crease possible.

Personalized Fingerprint jewellery is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age. Fingerprints vary with genetics, so the print swirls under this age may not be very defined. We recommend you either wait until over this age or view our hand/foot print range.

This range is available Australia wide.

You can either visit our studio or book our home service  and we can take the prints for you. Alternatively you can order online and our Fingerprint Impression Capture kit will be dispatched to you (inclusive in product price).

Please view our Fingerprint Capture Kit Instructional Video – click here.

Fingerprints and any details are positioned according to best fit. All details can be handstamped. Please specify at checkout.

Unlike mass produced machine jewellery, no 2 pieces are exactly alike. Your piece will display its own unique characteristics that you would expect from a handcrafted product. It will be- AS INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE AS YOUR OWN CHILD.

Chains are not included in pricing unless otherwise specified.

Gift Cards are available – please see Terms and Conditions.

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