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Our Personalized Fingerprint Jewellery collection captures a moment in time to create ‘jewellery with a personal touch’.

Impressions are taken using a quick and simple process. Each piece is handcrafted to preserve every swirl and crease possible.

This stylish shape is available in 3 sizes.

  • Small measures 20mm length x 15mm width.
  • Medium measures 25mm length x 20 mm width.
  • Large measures 30mm length x 25mm width.

Please note: small is only suitable for under 12 months of age, with hand engraving on back only.

Handstamping is available on the front only.

Chains are not included in pricing of Fingerprint Jewellery Collection

Did you know?

By the tenth week, your baby has developed fingerprints

  • Fingerprints form the main feature to confirm the identity of an individual and they are unique always
  • Fingerprints might be a way to detect future diseases and provide information as well
  • At the time of the baby’s development in the womb, fingerprints begin appearing and continue transforming and developing as the baby does
  • Fingerprints become a unique pattern of arches, bridges, whorls, and loops by the end of the 9 months

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Sizes available

Large, Medium, Small