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Our Personalized Fingerprint Jewellery range captures a moment in time to create ‘jewellery with a personal touch’.

This simple, yet stunning design is available in 3 sizes.

  • Small measures 17 mm diameter.
  • Medium measure 21mm diameter.
  • Large measures 25 mm diameter.

Handstamping is available on the front only.

Please note: Small is only suitable for under 12 months of age. Chains are not included in pricing.

Impressions are taken using a quick and simple process. Each piece is handcrafted to preserve every swirl and crease possible.

Personalized Fingerprint jewellery is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age. Fingerprints vary with genetics, so the print swirls under this age may not be very defined. We recommend you either wait until over this age or view our hand/foot print range.

This range is available Australia wide.

You can either visit our studio or book our home service  and we can take the prints for you.

Alternatively you can order online and our Fingerprint Impression Capture kit will be dispatched to you (inclusive in product price).

When does a baby’s fingerprint appear?

Fingerprints begin appearing during the phases of fetal development and continue transforming and developing as the baby does. They end up being a unique pattern of arches, bridges, whirls, and loops by the end of those 9 months.

  • Ridges are the first identifying marks that can be observed on a baby’s skin
  • They are the faint lines on the fingertips that create a foundation of the fingerprint
  • The density of the amniotic fluid determines how every individual ridge will form
  • The level of activity of a baby and the general chaos happening inside the womb prevent fingerprints from developing the same way for every infant

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